Scots ban spanking, Franklin Graham: I won’t bow to “gay” agenda, 4.5 million homeschoolers, Columbus: “Gospel must be preached”

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By Kevin Swanson

Chinese pastor evangelizes jail mates

A Chinese pastor will face trial in December for opposing the removal of crosses from churches in Henan province.

Pastor Li Juncai has been imprisoned for over eight months, but he has not been inactive. Three of his jail mates have professed faith in Jesus Christ, including one Muslim fellow, reports International Christian Concern.

Scottish legislature prohibits parents from spanking

Scottish Christian parents will have a hard time, if not impossible time, raising their children according to the principles of God’s Word.

The Parliament there has banned spanking by a vote of 84-29 despite the fact that 89% of Scots opposed the ban, reports USA Today.

Scotland joins New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and other post-Christian countries which have passed similar legislation, disallowing families to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Proverbs 13:24 is God’s truth concerning the matter. “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him diligently.”

Who sends their kids to public school?

Guess who sends their kids to public schools?  82% of Evangelicals, 86% of Catholics, and 90% of everybody else in America.

A recent Pew Research survey found that about 10% of Evangelicals and 2% of Catholics homeschool. And 5% of Evangelicals and 9% of Catholics send their kids to private religious schools. The study concludes that Evangelicals are only about 4% more likely to seek religious training for their children than Catholics.

Also, these new Pew Research numbers from 2019 would put the homeschool population in America at about 4.5 million or about 5% of the school-aged population.  That’s about twice the official estimate provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

Homosexual anchor Shepherd Smith resigns at Fox News

What some call Fox News’ most avid critic of President Trump, Shepard Smith, is leaving the network.

SMITH:  “A personal moment now. Gathering and reporting the news has been my life’s work — 33 years — the past 23 right here since the day we launched Fox News Channel in 1996. This is my last newscast here.”

Six years ago, Smith declared himself to be committed to the sin of homosexuality, and in his parting words on air at Fox last week, he said he was looking forward to spending more time with his homosexual friend.

SMITH: “I will be able to see more of Gio [Giovanni Graziano, the boyfriend] and Lucia [their dog] and our friends and family. I’m Shepard Smith. Fox News, New York.”

Proverbs 5:22 is a fitting reminder.   “His own iniquities entrap the wicked man, and he is caught in the cords of his sin.”

Franklin Graham: “I will not bow down at altar of LGBTQ agenda”

After Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke announced last week that he wanted to tax Christian churches in America, evangelist Franklin Graham Facebooked a comment, reports the Washington Times.

He wrote, “These socialists in the Democratic Party are a threat to religious freedom and free speech.  This would be a step toward silencing the voice of the church and the influence of Christian universities and organizations. This is what godless socialism did in Eastern Europe, shutting down the churches and imprisoning pastors who disagreed with the Communists.

“As for me, I will not bow down at the altar of the LGBTQ agenda nor worship their rainbow pride flag. I’m going to stand with the Word of God, the Holy Bible, which is truth from cover to cover.”

Kenyan runner completes marathon under 2 hours!

A Kenyan athlete has broken the 2-hour barrier for running a marathon over the weekend.

Eliud Kipchoge completed the 26.2 mile run in Vienna, Austria in just 1 hour, 59 minutes, and 40 seconds, reports the New York Times.  It’s an unofficial record, for now.

Christopher Columbus motivated to sail to spread Christian gospel

Yesterday, Christopher Columbus statues were defaced around the country on Columbus Day.

Thirteen states have changed the observance of the day, in most cases to “Indigenous People’s Day.”

Few Americans know that Christopher Columbus professed Christ and the urgency of the Great Commission in his diaries.

He wrote, “It was the Lord who put it in me to sail from here to the Indies. The fact that the Gospel must be preached to so many lands—that is what convinced me. Charting the seas is but a necessary requisite for the fulfillment of the Great Commission of our glorious Savior.”

The story of a drug addict and a gracious pastor

Last year, while high on meth, a drug addict vandalized Central Baptist church in Conway, Arkansas, causing $100,000 of damage. He remembers little of that night, except that he felt desperate, reports the Baptist Press.

Compelled by the Great Commission, and the love of Christ, senior pastor Don Chandler got him signed up with a Christian residential drug recovery program.  He said. “You can’t preach something for 50 years without practicing it, especially in front of your whole church. Had we not shown some grace to him, everything we’ve talked about and encouraged, would have gone by the wayside.”

Six months later, the 23-year-old former drug addict got baptized at the church he vandalized.

The newly converted, Brenton Winn, said, “I’m starting to understand how God works. I’ve realized I didn’t pick the church that night. God picked me.”


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