Senator Paul vs. Education Secretary nominee on transgender athletics, Biden says “Prayer gives me hope”, but denies pre-babies hope to live; Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Kohl’s, H-E-B, & Wayfair boycott MyPillow

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United Nations report: North Korea is brutal to imprisoned Christians

The most recent United Nations report on North Korea reveals that the atheistic totalitarian dictatorship delights in torturing prisoners of conscience, especially Christians, reports International Christian Concern.

Christians are “systematically imprisoned without due process and are subjected to harsh treatment for exercising basic human rights.”

In addition, pregnant Christian prisoners are forced to perform hard labor and subjected to forced abortions.

Luke 4:18 says, “He has sent Me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free.”

Biden says “Prayer gives me hope”, but denies pre-babies hope to live

In a People Magazine interview, President Biden, the second Catholic to occupy the White House after John F. Kennedy, was asked, “Given the stakes in the pandemic and the economic crisis, do you lean into prayer to help you lead?”

Biden said, “I don’t want to proselytize. My religion, for me, is a safe place. I never miss mass, because I can be alone. … Other people may meditate. For me, prayer gives me hope, and it centers me.”

However, there is a clear disconnect between the Catholic church and Biden’s positions on abortion, contraception, homosexual marriage, and the transgender issue. In fact, his pro-abortion view caused him to be denied communion in 2019 at St. Anthony Catholic Church in South Carolina as he ran for president.

Senator Paul vs. Educator Secretary nominee on transgender athletics

On Wednesday, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky grilled President Biden’s nominee for education secretary, Miguel Cardona, about the insanity of allowing boys, who are pretending to be girls, to compete with biological girls in high school athletic events, reports Fox News.

Listen to this tense exchange during Cardona’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

PAUL: “What do you think in general about boys running in girls’ track meets like they’ve been doing in Connecticut?”

CARDONA: “I think that it’s critically important that educators respect the rights of all students, including students who are transgender, and that they are afforded the opportunities that every other student has.”

PAUL: “Does it bother you that like the top 20% of boys running in track meets beat all of the girls in the state and it would completely destroy girls athletics? The girls are being pushed out. They don’t make the finals in the state meet, they don’t get college scholarships, that it’s really detrimental to girls’ sports. Do you worry about having boys run in girls’ track meets?”

CARDONA: “I recognize and appreciate the concerns and the frustrations that are expressed.”

Senator Paul would not let Miguel Cardona, the nominee for Education Secretary, off the hook.

PAUL: “Do you think it’s fair to have boys running in the girls’ track meets?”

CARDONA: “I think the legal responsibility of schools is to provide opportunities for students to participate in activities and this includes students who are transgender.”

PAUL: “So, you don’t have a problem then with boys running in the girls’ track meets, swimming meets, you name it. You’re okay, then, with boys competing with girls?”

CARDONA: “Respectfully, Senator, I think I answered the question. I believe schools should offer the opportunity for students to engage in extracurricular activities, even if they’re transgender. I think that’s their right.”

PAUL: “A lot of us think that that’s bizarre, you know, not very fair! I come from a family that has a lot of girls who have competed in college athletics, have been state champions. And, frankly, some boy that’s 6’2” competing against my 5’4” niece doesn’t sound very fair. And you’re going to run the Department of Education? You’ve got no problem with it? That concerns me.”

Senator Paul offered his analysis about what middle America would think of this Biden transgender policy which would destroy girls’ athletics entirely.

PAUL: “This kind of thing is going to lead to really just the vast majority of America just wondering who are these people that think it’s okay? From what planet are you from? I wonder where feminists are on this? I wonder where the people who supported women’s sports are on this? A disconnect between what Middle America and what most Americans actually believe. I even think most Democrats don’t believe boys should run the girls’ track meets.”

Senator Paul, who was clearly disgusted by the policy advocated by Biden’s nominee for Education Secretary, offered one last thought.

PAUL: “I’m disappointed in the answer and I just can’t imagine that we’re gonna have a policy like that nationally.”

Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.”

Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Kohl’s, H-E-B, & Wayfair boycott MyPillow

And finally, because Mike Lindell, the Christian founder of MyPillow, dared to speak out on behalf of former President Trump and against the Dominion Voting Systems machines which might have rigged the 2020 presidential election, Kohl’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, H-E-B Supermarket, and Wayfair have all boycotted his MyPillow products as a result.

Appearing on the “Washington Watch” radio show, Lindell explained how the Left is trying to cancel him right now.

LINDELL: “We’ve got all the evidence now for these Dominion [Voting Systems] machines. And I’m going to get the word out and I’m not backing down. Well, as soon as I went out very public about that, it was all within days, all of these box stores got attacked by bots and trolls. They’re hired hit jobs by the Left to cancel culture. They put out these fake people. They sit in a war room and they sit there and type up stuff. You know, ‘I’m not buying product at your Bed, Bath and Beyond if you have MyPillow.’ So, they get attacked, and these guys all live in fear. That’s how Cancel Culture works.

“I talked to some of these CEOs. I had one CEO of a company in South Carolina, he has about 10 stores. I got him on the phone. I said, ‘Those aren’t real people. Those aren’t your customers.’ I said, ‘Look at your social media. Go down there. They’ve got two friends; that’s a bot or a troll.’ They’re paid by these guys that sit in a room and they’re paid, they’re a hit job. It should be illegal.”

Lindell explained that these liberal CEOs are making decisions out of fear.

LINDELL: “These stores that succumb to this — Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, H-E-B, Wayfair, the Canadian Shopping Channel — they’re the ones who end up losing because their real customers are very upset that they’re doing this. I’m hearing it all over the country that they’re, you know, cutting up credit cards. These CEOs just made decisions out of fear. We can’t let this happen and have us canceled out.”


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