Stephen Hawking Believes in God Now, Hopeful Young Voices Speak Out for Life, American Pastor Prisoner Charged in Turkey

Thursday, March 15th, in the year of our Lord 2018

By Jonathan Clark

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Chinese President to Rule for Life

China’s National People’s Congress voted Sunday in favor of a constitutional amendment to remove presidential term limits for Chinese President Xi Jinping, allowing him to rule for life.

The revoked two-term presidential limits were added in 1982, six years after the death of China’s Mao Zedong whose dictatorship saw the deaths of millions of people.

The Chinese government continues to crack down on the rapid spread of Christianity in the country. Just last week, authorities in the Henan Province forcibly entered a state-sanctioned church and tore down its crosses. 

American Pastor Prisoner Charged in Turkey

On Tuesday, a Turkish prosecutor formally indicted American Pastor Andrew Brunson on false charges of espionage and terrorism, calling for a life sentence.

Pastor Brunson served a church in Turkey for over two decades before being imprisoned in 2016. 

Brunson’s daughter recently shared a note from him which said, “I am in prison not for anything I have done wrong, but because of who I am – a Christian pastor. . . Yet I believe this to be true: it is an honor to suffer for Jesus Christ, as many have before me.”

1 Peter 4:15-16 says, “But let none of you suffer as . . . an evildoer. . . Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in this matter.”

Ontario Leader Gives Parents Hope

Ontario’s newly elected Progressive Conservative party leader Doug Ford announced Monday that he would repeal the sex education curriculum in the province’s public schools.

Despite protest from parents, liberals implemented the vile education program back in 2015, introducing impressionable children in the third grade to homosexuality and “gender identity.”

Traditional College Student Barred from Class

Religious studies major Lake Ingle was barred last month from a Christianity class at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania for stating there are only two genders.

Ingle says he was silenced and punished by Professor Alison Downie after speaking up in the class featuring a TED Talk by a transgender former pastor. 

Ingle plans to defend his First Amendment rights next week before an academic integrity board of the university. 

Isaiah 59:14 declares, “Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”

Hopeful Young Voices for Life

This year’s annual March for Life at the U.S. capital drew over 100,000 people. Among them were many high school and college-aged students who are passionate about life.

The Daily Signal’s latest video shares interviews with some of those students, reports Life News.

“I’m pro-life because I believe that God made a purpose for everyone’s life.”

“I’m pro-life because God really has a purpose for each person that He has created, all the way from conception to natural death.”

“Because I believe every human being has a chance at life. Jesus died for us, so we all need to live for Him.”

Trump Could Nominate Second Conservative Supreme

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy may retire as early as this summer a Republican senator has stated, reports The Hill.

Republican Senator Dean Heller of Nevada said in a speech recently, “Kennedy is going to retire around sometime early summer which I’m hoping will get our base a little motivated.”

81-year-old Kennedy has been an important swing vote on the bench for 29 years, siding with liberals at times, including the 2015 Obergefell pro-homosexual marriage decision.  

Such a vacancy would allow President Donald Trump to make another appointment after nominating conservative Neil Gorsuch last year to replace Antonin Scalia.

Stephen Hawking Believes in God Now

Renowned British astrophysicist and atheist Stephen Hawking died yesterday at the age of 76 after battling a rare form of motor neurone disease for decades. Hawking contributed to explaining the origin of the universe without God.

Hawking once stated, “We are each free to believe what we want, and it is my view that the simplest explanation is there is no God. No one created the universe, and no one directs our fate. . . There is probably no heaven, and no afterlife either.”

Well, Hawking has met His Maker now.

Hebrews 9:27, 28 reminds us, “And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment, so Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to deal with sin, but to save those who are eagerly waiting for Him.”

Closing Line

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