Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Monifa Sterling’s Case, Graham Continues to Warn Against Islam, McDonald’s Celebrates Homosexual Pride

Wednesday, June 7th, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Adam McManus

Comey Says He Doesn’t Want to Be Alone with President Trump

The day after President Donald Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to end an investigation into his former national security adviser, Comey confronted Attorney General Jeff Sessions and said he did not want to be left alone again with the president, reports the New York Times.

Relations Become Tense Between President Trump and Attorney General Sessions

As the White House braces for former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony tomorrow, sources tell ABC News the relationship between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has become so tense that Sessions at one point recently even suggested he could resign.

The friction between the two men stems from the attorney general’s abrupt decision in March to recuse himself from anything related to the Russia investigation — a decision the president only learned about minutes before Sessions announced it publicly. Multiple sources say the recusal is one of the top disappointments of his presidency so far and one the president has remained fixated upon.

Franklin Graham Warns Again of the Dangers of Islam

Franklin Graham, who led prayer events in all 50 states last year in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, is reiterating his warning about the dangers of Islam, according to

In a Facebook post, Graham wrote, “Since 9/11, I have been warning America about the dangers of the teachings of Islam. Followers of Islam are taught very troubling passages that encourage them to murder and maim those they refer to [as] infidels, or nonbelievers.”

Graham continued, “Many times, sadly, it is the young who are pulled into these teachings that encourage murder and rape in the name of the god of Islam,” citing the Muslim terrorist attacks in London on Saturday in which Muslim jihadists mowed down pedestrians with a van on London Bridge and then went on a stabbing spree in nearby pubs, killing at least seven and injuring 48.

The attacks were by “Muslim men who said this was for Allah,” Graham said.

Last year, Graham criticized Pope Francis for claiming that while the world may be at war, the conflict has nothing to do with religion. Graham asserted, “It most certainly is a war of religion. It’s a religion that calls for the extermination of ‘infidels’ outside their faith, specifically Jews and Christians. It’s a religion that calls on its soldiers to shout ‘Allahu akbar’ [“Allah is supreme” in Arabic] as they behead, rape, and murder in the name of Islam.  Radical Islamists are following the teachings of the Quran.”

Bravo Franklin Graham! That’s one gutsy Facebook post. Too many Christians mistakenly believe that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case of Marine Dismissed over Bible Verse on Desk

On Monday, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case of Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling who was dismissed from the Marines over having a Bible verse taped to her desk. The case began in May 2013, when she was asked to take Isaiah 54:15  off of her work station.

Ironically, her intent was to comfort those who are being bullied with the words of sacred scripture: “no weapon formed against me shall prosper.” When Sterling refused to take it down as the Marines bullied her, Isaiah 54:15 was removed without her consent. Sadly, the military court ruled against her last August.

The World View spoke with attorney Mike Berry of First Liberty about what happens to Monifa’s case after this.

“Well it’s really the end of the road legally speaking. The Supreme Court is the last stop on the line when it comes to appealing in the legal system. And the practical effect of that is that the lower court’s opinion, the military court will be left to stand.”   

Berry said that the most disconcerting part of the military court’s ruling back in August of 2016 was that they asserted the right to dictate someone’s religion.

“I think the most problematic part of the military court’s decision was really that it gives military officials and federal judges the ability to determine what somebody’s religious beliefs are. And that’s inappropriate. That’s something we don’t accept in this country.”   

Berry hopes there will be opportunities to “challenge that decision or minimize its effects.”  

Praise the Lord that Monifa stood strong in the faith despite being persecuted. 1 Peter 4:14 speaks encouragement to our sister. “If you are reproached for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.”   

McDonald’s Puts Rainbow Flag on French Fry Boxes

Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, a former pastor who has over two million followers on Facebook, has called on Christians to boycott fast food giant McDonald’s over its new rainbow-colored homosexual pride french fry boxes, reports The Christian Post.

According to Fox News, the homosexual pride boxes will be available at three McDonald’s restaurants in Washington, D.C., between June 9 and 11. The McDonald’s Family Restaurants of Greater Washington, D.C., is a sponsor of the Capital Pride Homosexual Alliance.

Cathy Martin, vice president of McDonald’s Baltimore Washington Region, that the fry boxes are a “fun way to show our support of the LGBTQ community using one of McDonald’s most iconic and recognizable items.”

Send a polite email of objection to McDonald’s through our transcript today at

March for Marriage to Take Place in Washington, DC

The annual March for Marriage is scheduled to take place in a couple of weeks in Washington, DC, according to The Christian Post.

Joseph Grabowski of the National Organization for Marriage expressed his hopes that the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision, which legalized homosexual marriage, may be overturned.

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“And I especially appreciate how you regularly update your listeners on the state of the church worldwide. It has been so encouraging to hear how the Gospel is spreading in some of the most dark and antagonistic countries. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to specifically pray for my brothers and sisters around the world.

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Final Member of Terrorist Trio Identified by British Police

Yesterday, British police named the final member of the Muslim terror trio that murdered seven people on Saturday in a knife and van attack before police shot the jihadis dead, reports Fox News.

Youssef Zaghba, a Moroccan-born Italian man, was identified Tuesday morning as the final member of the trio that descended upon the London Bridge on Saturday. The other two attackers were named Monday as Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Redouane.

To their credit, 130 Muslim British religious leaders refused to say funeral prayers for any one of the three members of the ISIS cell, saying “we have come together to express our shock and utter disgust at these cold-blooded murders.”

The decision was an “unprecedented” move because the funeral ritual is typically performed on a deceased Muslim no matter the person’s past actions.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is Muslim, wrote in The London Evening Standard, “Along with the overwhelming majority of the Muslim population, I am disgusted by this act, I want to send a crystal-clear message around the world: The sick and wicked ideology of these evil extremists is no form of Islam that I recognize. I unequivocally denounce them and their twisted beliefs.”

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Christian Hospitals

In a unanimous ruling hailed as a victory for religious liberty, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 5th in favor of three Christian hospital systems facing a lawsuit over pension plan funding, reports World Magazine.

In a majority opinion penned by Justice Elena Kagan, not considered a strong defender of religious organizations, the court upheld the exemption granted by Congress. Religious liberty advocates hailed the decision as enabling the faith-based institutions to continue their mission to serve the community without having to pay for expensive for-profit pension plans.

Mom Refuses Abortion After Cancer Diagnosis, Says Her Son Saved Her Life

Just one week after Chelsea Nally and her husband, Daniel, were married, the newlyweds discovered they were pregnant, reports Life News.

For some, the news may have brought thoughts of abortion, but the British couple said they were excited about their unplanned pregnancy. They did not know that several weeks later, a serious discussion about abortion would come up when Chelsea found a cancerous tumor in her left breast, The Sun reports.

The Nallys chose life for their baby boy, Finley, and today the mother and son are doing well. Chelsea said Finley saved her life because the pregnancy helped her find the cancer sooner.

“Finley saved me before he was even born,” she told The Sun. “He’ll always be so special to me for that reason.”

Venezuelan Officials Block Shipments of Medical Supplies

For the last two years Norma Reno has been shipping a steady supply of desperately needed medicines from the United States to Venezuela, reports Fox News. Reno and other members of her nonprofit, Move Foundation, pack painkillers, cold medicines and other supplies to be distributed to hospitals, health clinics and churches throughout the beleaguered nation.

Two weeks ago, however, that all changed.

Reno, a Venezuelan-born, Tampa-based lawyer and founder of the foundation, said that for years her organization faced very little pushback from the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. But when she arrived in the small, Venezuelan coastal city of Barcelona two weeks ago, Reno discovered that none of the recent medicine shipments had made it to her contacts in the country.

While the group has in the past had to deal with Venezuelan officials confiscating food shipments, this was the first time that medicine has been stopped from being delivered.

Reno said, “They are stopping everything from going in. They are taking everything for themselves.”

Reno told Fox News that her organization has at the moment halted its medical supply shipments to Venezuela.

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.