The evil work of Jane’s Revenge, an abortion terrorist group; Waitress receives “crazy” tip; Muslims kill Ugandan youth pastor

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Muslims kill Ugandan youth pastor

A youth pastor in Uganda died on May 26 from an axe blow to the head sustained during an Islamic extremist attack on a church on May 20, reports Christian News.

Emmanuel Mugabi, with the Bukomero Miracle Center Church, sustained deep cuts on his leg and head and lost consciousness in the attack in Bukomero about 75 miles northwest of Kampala.

After the church organized an evangelistic event and distributed Bibles in the predominantly Muslim area last month, village resident Sheikh Musa Lwanga, on May 20th, helped lead a Muslim mob brandishing swords, axes and sticks who attacked the church building at 5 p.m. shouting “Allah akbar” which means “The moon god is greater.”

Exodus 20:3 declares, “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

Please pray that God would comfort Pastor Mugabi’s family and the church.

Biden’s stumble on Jimmy Kimmel

President Joe Biden’s attempt to list his accomplishments on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” was so confused that the Republican National Committee decided to publicize a video of it on social media, reports

RNC Research introduced the video clip on its Twitter page:

“Biden says there’s a lot of ‘major things’ he’s done, he just hasn’t ‘been able to communicate it in a way that is, uh, um…’

“He then starts rambling about reporters getting ‘clicks on the nightly news’ and they cut to commercial.”

Indeed, Biden began by unsuccessfully attempting to describe his inability to articulate his major accomplishments – but, he then drifted off into a disjointed commentary about how the press has changed.

After first attempting to patronize Biden’s confusion, Host Kimmel announced he was cutting to a commercial:

BIDEN: “There’s a lot of major things we’ve done. But, what we haven’t done is we haven’t been able to communicate it in a way that is, ah, um – let me say it another way.”

KIMMEL: “See, that’s kind of perfect: you haven’t been able to communicate it.”

BIDEN: “Look how the press has changed. Look how the press has changed.”

KIMMEL“It has changed. Oh, listen, I get it.”

BIDEN: “I know you overstand it. You don’t just understand it, you overstand it. Here’s the deal.

“One of the things is that it’s very difficult now to have a – even with notable exceptions, even the really good reporters – they have to get a number of clicks on the nightly news.

“So, instead of asking a question – anyway, everything gets, gets sensationalized in ways that – but, I am convinced we can get through this. We have to get through it. And one of the things – look.”

KIMMEL: “I’m going to take a break, then we’ll talk a little more, if you don’t mind.”

BIDEN: “I don’t blame you.”

The evil work of Jane’s Revenge, an abortion terrorist group

More details now on the Tuesday morning firebombing of a pro-life pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York by radical abortion terrorists, reports

CompassCare, a Christ-centered group dedicated to erasing the need for abortion, said it sustained heavy damage to its building. The abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge took credit for the attack, spray painting their signature “Jane Was Here” on the side of the structure.

The group’s name is a reference to the “Jane Collective,” an underground group in Chicago that helped mothers obtain illegal abortions prior to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

In a statement, CompassCare said,  “Ironically, New York’s Governor not only ignored the violence, but instead earmarked $35 million in taxpayer funds to increase security at abortion clinics. Adding insult to injury the New York legislature passed a bill investigating pro-life pregnancy centers precisely because they do not perform abortions.”

CompassCare’s CEO, Jim Harden, vowed to restore the building and continue to protect the preborn.

He said, “This is the pro-abortion ‘Kristallnacht.’ Because of this act of violence, the needs of women facing unplanned pregnancy will go unmet and babies will die.”

Kristallnacht was The Night of Broken Glass on November 9th, 1938 when Nazi leaders smashed the glass of the Jewish-owned businesses, synagogues, and homes throughout Germany.

Numerous pro-life service centers have been the target of violence since a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion became public, indicating that the court could overturn Roe v. Wade.

Jane’s Revenge issued a statement titled “Night of Rage” on May 30 saying that the overturning of Roe, “is an event that should inspire rage.”

Their motto is this: “If abortion isn’t safe, you aren’t either. We are everywhere.” Needless to say, abortion isn’t safe for the baby who is murdered nor is it safe for the mother who suffers emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

Waitress received “crazy” tip, an answer to her selfless prayer

Ready for some good news?

After Ava Guan, a waitress at HoShun Chinese restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana, served her customer his food, she was stunned by his generous tip, reports

On a $63 lunch, he left her a $777 tip.

GUAN: “So, I think that God gave me the gift.”

Amazingly, she does not plan on using the money to pay her own bills. Instead, she knew it was an answer to her prayer.

Last Saturday morning, right before her shift, Guan went to Oliver Church, her small house of worship, to pray. She knew that they needed a new air conditioning unit and some repairs.

Guan had already generously given $300, but it wasn’t enough. So, she prayed, asking God to send help.

GUAN: “Our church needed a new AC. You know, this is summer, so it’s very, very hot.”

When the waitress saw the $777 tip on the receipt, she knew that God had heard her prayer.

GUAN: “This is not my money.”

The devout Christian gleaned a powerful lesson from her answered prayer.

GUAN: “I think that God listens and will help you.”

1 Peter 3:12 says, “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayer.”

Worldview listeners speak out from Kentucky and Michigan

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