Tony Perkins Still Supporting Trump, Franklin Graham Says Supreme Court Appointments is all that Matters, American Missionary Kidnapped in Niger

Monday, October 17th, in the year of our Lord 2016

By Adam McManus

Evangelicals Uncomfortable with Donald Trump

With just 21 days left until the November 8th presidential election, evangelicals are ill-at-ease with Donald Trump, especially after Washington Post released the video containing lewd comments made in 2005. Over the weekend, Neil Cavuto talked to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council about his thoughts on Trump’s behavior.

“He needs to own this. He needs to take responsibility for this reprobate behavior, this wrong behavior, this immoral behavior. This is not about Bill and Hillary. This is about Donald Trump. He needs to ask for forgiveness and say, ‘You know what, I have made mistakes like this in the past, but here’s my commitment to you and to God. I’m going to do my very best going forward to live in a way that does not dishonor this office or dishonor the American people.’”

Perkins, like many evangelical leaders, initially supported Ted Cruz.

“This stuff about Donald Trump was out during the primary, his interviews with Howard Stern. This is why I was with Ted Cruz in the primary. Ted and I share a common faith and we both seek to live according to the Scriptures. We both love Jesus Christ, know Him as personal Savior. But, look, it came down to a choice in this general election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. What brought me to the point of supporting Donald Trump was not shared values. I’m not going to try and cover that up, although we do have some shared concerns.”

Perkins said he shares Trump’s concern about appointing pro-life Supreme Court justices, his willingness to call out radical Islamic terrorism, and his support for religious freedom.

John Piper Says Both Trump and Clinton Should Step Down

Last week, World Magazine made news by claiming that Donald Trump should drop out of the presidential race. Now, Christian theologian John Piper, author of Desiring God, contends that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should step down, reports the Gospel Herald. In his tweet, Piper said, “Of course, Trump should step down as Olasky and Grudem say. So should Hillary. That is what ‘unqualified’ means. It’s never been a question.”

Southern Baptist leader and theologian Russell Moore also told CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that many evangelicals “feel homeless” politically in this presidential election – unable to support either major party candidate.

God is sovereign. . . Daniel 2 says:

“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
to whom belong wisdom and might.
He changes times and seasons;
He removes kings and sets up kings;”

Franklin Graham Says the Important Issue is the Supreme Court

Meanwhile, evangelist Franklin Graham has commented on the presidential race as well, saying “The crude comments made by Donald J. Trump more than 11 years ago cannot be defended. But the godless progressive agenda of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton likewise cannot be defended.”

Graham went on to say, “The most important issue of this election is the Supreme Court. That impacts everything. There’s no question, Trump and Clinton scandals might be news for the moment, but who they appoint to the Supreme Court will remake the fabric of our society for our children and our grandchildren, for generations to come.”

San Antonio Police Officers Wear Trump Campaign Caps While Escorting Trump to Fundraiser

Twenty-three San Antonio, Texas police officers wore Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” baseball caps while on duty and in uniform as they escorted the Republican presidential nominee to and from a San Antonio fundraiser. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, no relation to me, passed out written reprimands for their violation of protocol and not appearing impartial, reports the San Antonio Express-News.

Homosexual PayPal Founder Will Give $1.25 Million to Support Trump

And here’s another wrinkle. The New York Times reports that Peter Thiel, the homosexual founder of PayPal and supporter of Donald Trump, will give $1.25 million to pro-Trump super PACs and to the campaign itself.

Baptist Susan Chorley Says God Helped Her Decide to Abort Her Baby, Now Is Unitarian Universalist

Twelve years ago Susan Chorley, a Baptist, was pregnant with her second child whom she aborted, reports LifeNews. Sadly, she thought that the baby would be a financial burden and add too much stress to her marriage. In 2014, 24 percent of women who had abortions identified as Catholic, 17 percent as mainline Protestant, and 13 percent as evangelical Protestant, according to the Guttmacher Institute.  

But what makes Susan’s abortion particularly disturbing is that not only was she on staff at First Baptist Church, but she claims that “God helped me make the best decision.” Chorley has since left the Baptist denomination for the Unitarian Universalist cult which denies the authority of Scripture.

American Missionary Kidnapped in Niger

An American missionary representing YWAM has been kidnapped in the African nation of Niger.  Jeffrey Woodke was taken from his home in Balak around 9 pm on Friday, and two other men were killed in connection with the kidnapping. Authorities are on the trail, and say the kidnappers are heading towards Mali. Woodke has been a missionary in Niger for 25 years.

Most of the Fastest-Growing Churches in America Are Non-Denominational

Outreach Magazine’s new survey on church growth found the fastest-growing churches in America are mostly non-denominational. Of the 100 churches, 42 are classified as non-denominational, 20 are Southern Baptist, nine are from the Assemblies of God, and three are United Methodist.

Abortion Is Hillary Clinton’s First Priority

Hillary Clinton’s first priority is a ‘woman’s right to choose’ abortion. She sees the so-called ‘right’ to abortion as a fundamental ‘human right,’ asserts Paul Kengor, author of God and Hillary Clinton. Nothing is more politically and ideologically sacred to Hillary Clinton. In fact, WorldNetDaily reports that Hillary’s abortion doctor from Arkansas, William Harrison, who boasts of having killed 20,000 pre-born children in the womb, calls the Democratic presidential nominee a ‘Christ figure’.

Pat Boone Says to Forget the Candidates and Vote the Platform

Christian musician Pat Boone has some advice for the campaign-weary body of Christ: Forget the candidates, vote the platform!  Since 70 percent of American voters are not pleased with Clinton nor Trump, Boone wrote, ”I don’t care if the two candidates were Attila the Hun and PeeWee Herman – we need to forget the candidates and vote the platforms!”

Which do you find more appealing? The Republican Party platform which affirms the sanctity of life, marriage between a man and a woman, religious freedom, a stronger military, and less taxes. Or the Democratic Party platform which affirms taxpayer-funded abortion, homosexual marriage, hostility to religious freedom, a weaker military, and higher taxes.

Ben Carson Reports That Donald Trump Has Recently Asked God for Forgiveness

Ben Carson made news by revealing that Donald Trump asked God for forgiveness a week ago Sunday morning before the second presidential debate, praying with James Robison of Life Outreach, a Christian relief organization. When pressed for further details about the content of those prayers, Carson replied that Trump “is coming ever closer to the Lord,” reports the Christian Post. If true, it’s a dramatic turn of events in light of his previous assertion that he had never asked God for forgiveness.  

While Robison is a member of Trump’s evangelical advisory board, he has not endorsed Trump. Robison wrote, “Whether it was Joseph counseling Pharaoh, Daniel counseling Nebuchadnezzar, Nathan calling King David to account, Samuel speaking prophetically to King Saul, the Apostle Paul in chains before King Agrippa, or countless other biblical instances. God calls his followers as ambassadors for Christ to engage, at times personally and directly, with secular leaders — including the godly, the wicked and others who may or may not find their way to the heart of their Creator.”

Trump Says Clinton Should Take a Drug Test Prior to Next Debate

Ahead of the third and final presidential debate this Wednesday, Donald Trump has called for Hillary Clinton to take a drug test, reports Concerned that Hillary was amped up on something during the second presidential a week ago yesterday, Trump said, “We should take a drug test, prior, because I don’t know what’s going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end, she could barely reach her car.”

Emails Between Hillary’s Campaign Manager and Her Communications Director Show Contempt for Christians

Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary, said the WikiLeaks emails between John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and Jennifer Palmieri, the Clinton Communications Director, was “demeaning and troubling” and revealed a “contempt for all traditional Christians, and we are—Catholic and Evangelical—united in our outrage and united in our call for Mrs. Clinton to immediately apologize for the Christophobic behavior of her associates.”

Jesus reminds us that, “If the world hates you, remember that it hated Me first.” (John 15:18)

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.