Trump: Students & teachers have right to pray at school, VA gun rights feud, Mexico blocks 2,000 Guatemalan migrants

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Hurricane Dorian’s impact on Freeport Gospel Chapel in Bahamas

Pastor and radio host Kevin Swanson, founder of The Worldview in 5 Minutes, shared a short report from a pastor from Freeport Gospel Chapel in the Bahamas who was an eyewitness to Hurricane Dorian’s devastating effects and the need for American teams to come and help rebuild the church.

SWANSON: “This is Kevin Swanson reporting from Freeport on Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas.  And we are coming to you reporting on the effects of Dorian, the hurricane that was the record-breaking, destructive hurricane that hit the Bahamas in September of last year.  I’m with Pastor Rocklyn Barbes from Freeport Gospel Chapel now, and he’s going to give us just a little bit of a snapshot of what happened in the hurricane as it affected Freeport Gospel Chapel.”

BARBES: “We didn’t have any loss of life; for that we give God thanks.  But what actually happened — the church and the entire property surrounding the church building were all flooded out. We had about three feet of water.  All our air conditioning units went underwater.  They are now useless. We lost all the pews in the church, all the floor covering, carpets and such, all the sheetrock was damaged or compromised and had to be changed.”

Barbes said that they still have a very great need.

BARBES: “But we still have a great need.  Actually, most everything remains unfunctional from electrical to ceiling and so forth.”

Swanson shared that the team he led last week in the Bahamas had been able to restore the sheetrock.

SWANSON: “So, our team has been able to restore the drywall and the tape and mudding. It’s taken a week for us to replace 5-6,000 square feet of drywall to get the building somewhat functional.  But you still have a good amount to get accomplished before you open this up, hopefully by Easter of this year, for a major missions conference.  What needs to happen before April of this year?  What do additional teams need to do to address the damage?”

Pastor Barbes explained that their biggest initial need is to aquire seating for their upcoming Easter conference in April.

BARBES: “Right now we don’t have seatings.  We don’t have air conditioning units.  We don’t have floor covering. They are very, very important. And we’d be so thankful if God would open up a way in that area.”

Swanson covered the needs that he saw that are still essential for this event coming up for the Freeport Gospel Chapel.

SWANSON: “So from this point on what you need is plumbing.  You need the bathrooms in place.  You need the HVAC systems.  You need the building painted.  You need the carpet installed as well as pews or chairs in the auditorium.  So, that’s what needs to happen before April of this year.  We’re looking for American teams to come out and partner with the Freeport Gospel Chapel to get this done.”

If you’d like to be part of one of those teams to go out and be the hands and feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus, remember 3 key points. First, the cost of a plane ticket from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the Bahamas, 60 miles off the Atlantic Coast, is $250.  Second, they need at least one roofing expert and one drywall expert on each team.  And third, the Bahamian churches will provide transportation, room and board during your week-long stay to rebuild.  Please email Kevin Swanson at    That’s

Plus, help us raise $100,000 by February 28th to pay for tax-free building supplies at wholesale cost online at, select the “Support International Outreach Ministry” in the drop-down window. That’s .

Galatians 6:10 says, “Let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.”

Democrats, like Schumer, are hypocritical on impeachment trial

On Feb. 11, 1999 — one day before President Bill Clinton was acquitted in his impeachment trial before the Senate — Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York penned a passionate letter, outlining why the process had taken an unfair toll on the nation. He noted that the president believed he had not crossed a line, and praised the large threshold needed to get a conviction in the Senate, reports the New York Post.

Many of the same points crafted by Schumer more than 20 years ago echo Republican arguments against the impeachment of President Trump today.

In his 1999 letter about the possible removal of President Clinton from office, Senator Schumer wrote, “It seems we have lost the ability to forcefully advocate for our position without trying to criminalize or at least dishonor our adversaries — often over matters having nothing to do with the public trust. And it is hurting the country; it is marginalizing and polarizing the Congress.  The ledger is pretty much even between the two parties, but it has become more partisan and bitter.”

Gun rights activists feud with gun control activists in Richmond, VA today

As gun rights activists and militia groups prepare to rally in Richmond, Virginia today to protest proposed gun control laws, residents are praying it won’t be a repeat of the violent 2017 rally in Charlottesville that ended in a woman’s death, reports NBC News.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, which organizes the annual gun rights rally, said it wants a “peaceful event,” but the crowd is expected to be larger than usual because Democrats took control of the Legislature last year and are proposing several gun control bills that would limit handgun purchases and require background checks, among other rules.

Mexico blocks 2,000 Guatemalan migrants from coming to U.S.

Two thousand migrants spent the night on the Guatemalan side of the border, as Mexico blocked their path, reports the Associated Press.

Mexico, pressured by the U.S. to halt the northward flow of migrants, is offering those who turn themselves over to authorities temporary jobs in southern Mexico, likely in agriculture or construction.

President Trump stands tall for right to pray at school

Last Thursday, on National Religious Freedom Day, the White House announced several new rules and memos designed to roll back “discriminatory” federal regulations as well as promote teachers’ and students’ right to pray in public schools.

President Donald Trump was joined in the Oval Office by Christian, Jewish and Muslim students who have suffered some form of discrimination as he introduced new regulations and guidance promoting religious freedom.

TRUMP: “In public schools around the country, authorities are stopping students and teachers from praying, sharing their faith, or following their religious beliefs. It is totally unacceptable. You see it on the football field. You see it so many times where they’re stopped from praying. We are doing something to stop that.”

The U.S. Education Department will send out memos to secretaries and administrators in all 50 states stressing that they cannot prevent teachers or students from praying in public schools.

Pastor, who objected to Drag Queen Story Hour, arrested in Spokane

A pastor in Spokane, Washington, who objected to a drag queen story hour taking place in a local public library, was arrested merely for walking into the venue with a Bible in his hand, detained for three hours in a cop car, and arrested for allegedly creating a disturbance.

I’ll talk about that story today on Generations Radio as I guest host for Kevin Swanson, and chat with Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute. I hope you’ll tune in at . That’s .

Priscilla Schirer is recovering from lung surgery

And finally, popular Christian speaker Beth Moore shared an update on Priscilla Shirer’s recovery after she underwent surgery to remove a lobe of her left lung after doctors discovered a small nodule that contained some “dangerous irregularities.”

On Instagram, Moore said “She did very, very well during the surgery. The surgeon said that it went absolutely according to plan. That her body is strong and they have every anticipation that she’ll heal up well.”

You can send a get well card to Priscilla Shirer at P.O. Box 2122, Cedar Hill, TX 75106 or by email:

3 John 1:2 says, “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”


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