U.S. Senate Kills Pain Capable Abortion Ban, Costa Rica Evangelical Presidential Candidate Leading Polls, Stock Market Has Worst Day in 5 Months

Tuesday, January 30th, in the year of our Lord 2018

By Kevin Swanson

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of SPLC’s Attack on Christians

A non-profit watchdog organization called Guidestar and the Southern Poverty Law Center may continue their persecution of Christians in this country, associating believers with “hate groups” for their opposition to killing children and sexual perversions. 

A federal judge in Virginia ruled against Liberty Counsel, a Christian legal rights group, which brought the suit. Guide Star and the SPLC have targeted 46 groups with their public smear campaigns, including the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, and D. James Kennedy Ministries.

Senate Votes Against Pain-Capable Abortion Ban

Seven nations, including communist China, North Korea, and the United States still allow the killing of children in the womb who are capable of feeling pain.  

The U.S. Senate voted on Monday to reject consideration of the 20-week, pain capable abortion ban bill, by a vote of 46 to 51.

Proverbs 17:15 says, “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the LORD.”

Senate Will Soon Vote on Bill to Protect Babies Who Survive Abortion

The U.S. Senate will face another test of its moral integrity with the Born Alive Bill, recently passed by the House of Representatives.

The World View spoke to Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue about how this legislation was first introduced.

“It was really in response to the Kermit Gosnell murder trials that took place in Philadelphia.  They found there that babies were being aborted in very late terms of pregnancy. That those babies were being born alive and then Kermit Gosnell would kill them after they were born alive and struggling. . .That helped prompt this protection for these late term babies because it’s not unusual for them to be born alive during these abortion procedures.” 

Sullenger said it is the pro-life Democrat senators that face the most pressure from their own party to oppose the bill.  

“Democrats that are pro-life are essentially living in terror of what will happen to them if they actually act on their convictions, so what we’re praying is that those people will stand up and do the right thing come what may, and that God will protect them.”

Pro-Life Christian in the Lead in Costa Rican Presidential Election

Recent polls monitoring the presidential election in Costa Rica have put an evangelical pro-life Christian candidate at the head of the pack.

Fabricio Alvarado is a 43-year-old journalist and a member of the National Restoration Party.

The University of Costa Rica poll gives Alvarado 17% support, a sharp increase from previous polls. He strongly opposes a recent court ruling by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights that called for the legalization of homosexual faux marriage. 

Christian Man Beaten and Imprisoned in Cuba

A Cuban Christian was arrested and beaten by federal police last year. According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Misael Diaz was told that “Our god is Fidel Castro.”

While in prison, Diaz has been denied access to a Bible. 

The god of the state. . .and “all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols, but the LORD made the heavens.” That’s Psalm 96:5.

Gladney Center for Adoption Will Now Facilitate Adoptions for Homosexual Couples

The Texas-based Gladney Center for Adoption has made a break from its biblical roots. Tragically, they will now be providing children to homosexual men living together in unnatural relations, according to a report from World Magazine.  

The Regnerus study found that children raised in homosexual homes were 3 to 10 times more likely to be sexually abused. 

70% of American parents would be comfortable with their children being taught or discipled by a homosexual teacher. And 75% of Americans would be comfortable with the church including unrepentant homosexuals in the church membership. Those are the results of a GLAAD survey conducted over the last four years.

The percentage of Americans supporting homosexuality has remained about the same over the last four years. 

Dow Drops 177 Points

The DOW had its worst day in five months yesterday, dropping 177 points. That’s still not much of a drop after a 4,500 point rise over the last five months of a bull market.  

Gold closed yesterday at $1,340 an ounce, up from $1,140 near the beginning of 2017. 

New Film Tells Story of Three Americans Who Stopped a Terrorist Attack in France

The story of how three American men stopped a terrorist attack on a train to Paris, France will be told in a new film called “The 15:17 to Paris”.

The three heroes — U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Spencer Stone, U.S. Army National Guard Spc. Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler — will be playing themselves in the film, produced by Clint Eastwood. 

Sadler told WorldNetDaily.com, “In the back of our minds, we knew that we had always in our lives God’s hand of protection on us. God had a hand in it.” The film will be in theaters on February 9th. 

Closing Line

And that’s The World View in 5 Minutes on this Tuesday, January 30th in the year of our Lord 2018. Subscribe by iTunes or email to our unique Christian newscast at www.TheWorldView.com. I’m Adam McManus. Seize the day for Jesus Christ.  

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