VP Pence Warns of New Holocaust Plotted by Iran, Congresswoman Says Trump is Using “Fake” Emergency Powers, California Forced to Pay Pro-Life Centers and Law Firm

Monday, February 18th, in the year of our Lord 2019

By Adam McManus (Adam@TheWorldView.com)

Vice President Pence Warns: Iran Calls for Destruction of Israel

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced a week ago Monday – during the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution – that he would “raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground” if the U.S. military attacked.

In response, two days later in Warsaw, Poland last Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence warned European and Middle Eastern leaders of the “new Holocaust” the Iranian regime is plotting, reports Christian Headlines.

PENCE: “The Authoritarian regime in Tehran represses the freedom of speech and assembly, it persecutes religious minorities, it brutalizes women, executes gay people, and openly advocates for the destruction of the state of Israel. Ayatollah Khomeini himself said that it is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map. Anti-Semitism is not just wrong, it’s evil. Anti-Semitism must be confronted wherever and whenever it arises, and it must be universally condemned.”

Genesis 12:2-3 documents what God said to Abram about the nation of Israel.

“I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

Democratic Congresswoman: Trump Using “Fake” Emergency Powers

On Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes”, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California asserted that President Trump declared a national emergency to fund the southern border wall because he’s listening to conservatives.

WATERS: “I think that this president is being pushed by the right-wing conservatives that he listens to every day. They are saying to him, ‘If you don’t get this wall, you’re not going to be re-elected.”

Congresswoman Waters seemed particularly happy that the Democrats refused to fund the $5.7 billion the president wanted for the wall.

WATERS: “Well, we’ve done a good job in negotiating this bi-partisan legislation by saying, ‘You’re not getting any $5.7 billion. We’ll give you $1.375 billion. That’s all you’re going to get. “

The $1.375 billion will fund approximately 55 miles of border barrier in the highly dangerous and drug smuggling areas in the Rio Grande Valley. President Trump’s funding request would have built the wall for an additional 176 miles.

Congresswoman Waters called on Americans to protest across the country to send President Trump a message that his declaration of a national emergency on the U.S.-Mexico border is “fake.”

WATERS: “And so it’s time for everybody to stand up. All hands on deck to refuse this president these fake emergency powers that he would like to have. And so I’m urging everybody get together —rally in every community across this country … Send a message to Washington, D.C., ‘No, Mr. President, we’re not going allow you to do this.’”

However, contrary to Congresswoman Waters’ false claim, this is not a “fake” emergency. Since the National Emergencies Act of 1976 passed, Presidents have declared nearly 60 national emergencies which Breitbart.com Legal Editor Ken Klukowski documented.

Indeed, former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama both directed the use of the military to assist Department of Homeland Security in securing and managing the Southern Border.

68% of “Pro-Choice” Americans Oppose Late-Term Abortion, Infanticide

A new survey, conducted by Americans United for Life with YouGov on February 6 and 7, has revealed that 68% of so-called “pro-choice” Americans do not support allowing abortions to take place up until the moment of birth, reports Christian Headlines.

The survey also found that:

  • 80% of Americans reject abortion the day before a child is born.
  • 79% reject abortion in the third trimester.
  • 66% of “pro-choice” Americans oppose abortion in the third trimester.

DC Comics Cancels Blasphemous Series About Jesus

DC Comics says it is canceling a series about Jesus that many Christians labeled heresy, reports Christian Headlines.

The series, Second Coming, presented Jesus coming back to Earth to fight evil alongside Sun-Man. The series plot described Christ as having limitations in knowledge and power.

According to the plot summary, “Witness the return of Jesus Christ, as He is sent on a most holy mission by God to learn what it takes to be the true messiah of mankind by becoming roommates with the world’s favorite savior: the all-powerful superhero Sun-Man, the Last Son of Krispex!”

More than 220,000 people signed a petition urging DC Comics to cancel it. The first issue was scheduled to be released on March 6.

As Hank Hanegraaff points out in The Bible Answer Book, Jesus claimed to possess the very attributes of God.

He claimed omniscience by telling Peter, “This very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times” (Matthew 26:34). Jesus declared omnipotence by not only resurrecting Lazarus (John 11:43), but by raising Himself from the dead (John 2:19). And Jesus professed omnipresence by promising He would be with His disciples “to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20).

California Must Pay 3 Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers, Law Firm $399,000

And finally, how about some good news from the pro-life battle?

California must pay three pro-life pregnancy centers and a conservative law firm $399,000 in legal fees and other costs after a state law meant to force pregnancy centers to promote abortion was struck down, reports the Christian Post.

U.S. District Court Judge Terry Hatter for the Central District of California issued an order a week ago Monday saying that California must pay the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center of San Bernardino, His Nesting Place of Long Beach, Birth Choice of the Desert in La Quinta, and the Liberty Counsel $399,000.

Mat Staver, founder and chairman of the Liberty Counsel, said “Pro-life pregnancy centers will no longer be compelled to speak a message that goes against their mission to save the lives of babies and women. … Faith-based pro-life pregnancy centers cannot be forced to promote human genocide.”


And that’s The World View in 5 Minutes on this Monday, February 18th, in the year of our Lord 2019.  Subscribe by iTunes or email to our unique Christian newscast at http://theWorldview.com. I’m Adam McManus. Seize the day for Jesus Christ.

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North Korean Christian Testifies About Imprisonment

A Christian survivor of a North Korean prison camp describes the horrific torture she endured for her faith and how God stayed with her through the brutality, reports the Christian Post.

In an interview with persecution watchdog group Open Doors, a woman identified only as “Prisoner 42” shared how she became a Christian after fleeing to China in the midst of North Korea’s great famine. In China, she was captured and sent to a North Korean prison camp, where she spent one year in solitary confinement.

When she arrived at the prison camp, guards shaved her head and stripped her down to nothing. Guards would ask her the same questions: “Why were you in China? Who did you meet? Did you go to church? Did you have a Bible? Did you meet any South Koreans? Are you a Christian?”

During her year in solitary confinement, she was trapped in a cold cell and never saw sunlight or another prisoner. She said, “I spent one year in prison, and for one year my skin didn’t touch a single ray of sunlight.”

One day, she appeared in court where she was forced to divorce her husband against her will. Officials sentenced her to four years at a re-education camp. In between working 12 hour days, she became sick and had to stay in the barracks. Prisoner 42 said, “Inside this North Korean prison, we wound up forming a secret church. When we met and felt safe enough, we prayed the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostles’ Creed.”

North Korea has been the number 1 persecutor of Christians on the group’s annual list for 18 consecutive years. Open Doors estimates there are 250,000 imprisoned North Koreans — 50,000 of which are political prisoners jailed for their Christian faith.

Young Colombian Pastor Killed for Opposing Drug Trafficking

Colombian Pastor Leider Molina, who was just 24 years old, had just finished up delivering a sermon at his church in Caucasia when he was struck by a hail of bullets at the hands of communist militants for opposing drug trafficking, reports FaithWire.com.

Molina was known to be a passionate and energetic youth leader and pastor who worked at a church located roughly 670 kilometers north of the capital, Bogotá.

Last September, two pastors were murdered in separate incidents — Pastor Galarza, a social and religious leader, was murdered in front of his family. Then, Pastor Elfren Martínez Pérez was gunned down for refusing to assist a paramilitary group with transport.

Malaysian Pastor, Abducted Two Years Ago, Still Missing

February 13th marked the two-year anniversary since Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted in broad daylight allegedly by members of a trained paramilitary force, reports International Christian Concern.

Although the Malaysian government has conducted an investigation and at one point claimed to arrest a suspect on January 16 last year, Pastor Koh’s whereabouts are still unknown, with more than half a dozen suspects still at large.

Alaskan Taxpayers Forced to Continue Funding Baby Killing

Alaska taxpayers must continue to fund abortions after the state Supreme Court ruled against two laws restricting abortion coverage through Medicaid, reports LifeNews.com.

Alaska lawmakers tried to restrict taxpayer-funded abortions through Medicaid in 2015 and 2016 by requiring that abortions only be paid for by taxpayers if there are specific risks to a woman’s physical or psychological health, according to the report.

However, state Chief Justice Craig Stowers disagreed with the ruling Friday, writing, “Nothing in Alaska’s equal protection clause requires the state to subsidize non-medically-necessary abortions for Medicaid-eligible women simply because it provides them with medically necessary healthcare.”

Alaskan taxpayers paid for at least 623 unborn babies to be aborted in 2011, nearly 40 percent of all abortions in the state.

Alaska is one of 16 states that forces taxpayers to fund elective abortions through Medicaid.