“Women for Amy” bus tour rolling across America, Trump’s vision: The great American dream vs being a socialist nation, Fort Worth, Texas hospital wants to kill 20-month-old baby!

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By Adam McManus (Adam@TheWorldview.com)

How African Muslim converts to Christianity lose everything

Moses, a 20-year-old African man, had grown up with a father who was a Muslim and a mother who was a Christian. After being exposed to the Koran and the Bible, he finally realized that “The only way I’m going to find God, the only way I can get to heaven for sure, is through Jesus.” And he gave his life completely to Jesus, reports International Christian Concern.

MOSES: “At the age of 20, I decided fully to convert from Islam. After converting, then my father sent me away from the family. He had given me land. He denied me that land and I went.”

Jeff King, president of International Christian Concern, explained what happened next.

KING: “He had lost everything when he came to Christ. His father threw him out. He was disinherited.  Soon, he was bringing many, many Muslims to Christ, including his own brother. Now his brother, was an Imam, a pastor basically of a mosque. So, when he converted, he brought 46 people with him to Christ.”

King noted that a mentor named “Pastor M” began to disciple these new Christians who also lost everything.

KING: “We love to work with evangelists who are reaching Muslims. We love to work with the disciplers. With “Pastor M.”, we’re working with them.  We just gave him a couple of cows because he has 22 converts living with him. Those cows give off milk obviously and have babies. The milk feeds the converts. It also gives them something to sell in the marketplace and support themselves. It’s kind of a growing asset. We love to support this kind of activity.”

If you would like to contribute financially to provide a way for these Muslim converts to Christ to provide for themselves by buying more livestock, go to https://www.persecution.org/give/

1 John 3:17 asks, “If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?”

Trump’s vision: The great American dream vs being a socialist nation

President Trump appeared by phone on “FOX & Friends” recently to discuss the election, reports RealClearPolitics.com. Co-host Will Cain boiled it down.

CAIN: “What’s the number one stark contrast in your mind between you and Joe Biden?”

TRUMP: “The bottom line, the American dream, the great American dream, versus being a … socialist nation. We’re gonna be no different than Venezuela. And I’ll tell you what, it can happen. Venezuela 20 years ago was unbelievable. And now they don’t have water. They don’t have food, they don’t have medicine. The only difference is we’d be much bigger.”

FOX and Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked this.

EARHARDT: “What’s your message to all the folks living in the battleground states?”

TRUMP: “We built the strongest economy in the history of the world. And then the plague came in, the China plague. We are not forgetting it. And China knows that. The plague came in. We closed it down, saved millions of lives, and now we’ve opened it up.

“We don’t only have ‘a V’ [recovery], we have a ‘super V.’  We are recovering at a level that nobody else in the world has recovered. 7.8% unemployment. 7.8 doesn’t sound good. But I remember your show, three months ago, four months ago. They were talking about possibly having unemployment of 42%! Now, we’re at 7.8% and heading down rapidly.”

“Women for Amy” bus tour rolling across America

Concerned Women for America is sponsoring a 12-state “Women for Amy” bus tour over the month of October to educate citizens in the target areas regarding the qualifications of nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, to sit on the Supreme Court. Plus, CWA insists that the seat must be filled BEFORE the General election.

Today, the “Women for Amy” bus tour will be pulling into Kansas City, Kansas and Springfield, Missouri. Tomorrow, the pink bus, which has a beautiful wrap including a prominent picture of Judge Barrett, will be pulling into Fort Worth and Plano, Texas. Find out if the bus is coming to your area through a special link in our transcript today at www.TheWorldview.com.

Since the Senate is scheduled to vote this coming Monday, please call your 2 senators at 202-224-3121 and urge them to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Fort Worth, Texas hospital wants to kill 20-month-old baby!

And finally, the Texas Supreme Court delivered more time to Baby Tinslee Lewis, an ill 20-month-old in a Fort Worth hospital, reports LifeSiteNews.com.

Through a long legal battle, Cook Children’s Medical Center has sought to impose death on this baby since last November. Thus far, the courts have ruled in favor of Trinity, Tinslee’s mother, who is fighting for the life of her precious daughter.

Cook Children’s asked the Texas Supreme Court for permission to withdraw the toddler’s life-sustaining treatment while the 10-Day Rule is argued in court. Thankfully, the Texas Supreme Court declined the petition, and Tinslee will continue to receive treatment.   A new video shows the little girl is still awake and moving despite the hospital’s outrageous claims to the contrary

Texas Right to Life accurately declared, “Judges matter.  They matter to Trinity and to her Baby Tinslee, and judges indeed impact the daily lives of people.”

Call the Cook Hospital President Rick Merrill at 682-885-4000 and urge him to stop trying to kill Baby Tinslee! Email me at Adam@TheWorldview.com to let me know you made that call.

Micah 6:8 asks, “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”


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