173 God-hating businesses advocate for “gay” faux marriage bill, Justice Samuel Alito condemned religious persecution, “Evangelical” socialist author Ron Sider died

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By Kevin Swanson

Justice Samuel Alito condemned religious persecution

Speaking at the Religious Liberty Summit in Rome, Italy on July 21st, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito  cautioned that religious liberty is now threatened worldwide

ALITO: “Religious liberty is under attack in many places because it is dangerous to those who want to hold complete power.

“When ISIS occupied Northern Iraq, thousands of Yazidi men and boys were slaughtered, and thousands of women and girls were raped and forced into marriage with ISIS fighters.

“In Nigeria, Christians have been under constant attack.

“In Egypt, numerous Coptic churches have been attacked, and many worshippers have been killed.

“In India, Hindu and Muslim groups have brutally assaulted each other since independence.

“And, in China, of course, there is the unspeakable treatment of the Uyghurs.”

Snapshot of global persecution hot spots

Most recently, Muslim radicals are putting pressure on Christian churches in Burkino Faso, Africa.

In Myanmar, the Burmese military’s (Tatmadaw) Major General Zaw Min Tu took to a news conference last week, announcing that any criticism of Buddhism in the country would be punished.

And, as The Worldview reported on Monday, Hmong Christians in the Nghe An province of Northern Vietnam are under persecution from gangs. In some cases, they are exiled from their homes by their animist relatives.

83 Christian groups urge Senate to reject “gay” marriage bill

Quite a bit is at stake as the U.S. Senate considers the “[Dis] respect for Marriage Act. 

Alliance Defending Freedom President Michael Farris  told radio talk show host Todd Starnes last week that this bill could lead to polygamy and plural marriages.


FARRIS: “The plain truth is this Act goes well beyond codifying [the] Obergefell [Supreme Court case]. It allows for any state definition of marriage to be federally enforced. So, if the state decides, ‘We’re going go polygamy or plural marriages or all kinds of things that are out there in the Left’s lexicon these days,’ that could be a problem.”

Plus, Farris said that this [Dis]respect for Marriage bill will result in churches and 501(c)3 groups losing their tax-exempt status with the IRS, if they were to oppose the state on faux homosexual marriage.

FARRIS: “The IRS can be sent against nonprofit organizations, denying them their tax-exempt status if they fail to adhere to this definition of marriage.”

To their credit, ADF has sponsored a letter to U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate, encouraging a “no” vote on the bill.  Among the 83 signatories are Al Mohler, Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins, Jim Daly, and Kelly Shackelford.

If you have not yet taken the time to call your two U.S. Senators, please do so today! Ask them to vote against the so-called “respect for Marriage Act. Call 202-224-3121. That’s 202-224-3121.

173 God-hating businesses advocate for “gay” faux marriage bill

Meanwhile, corporate America has come together to advocate for the bill’s passage.

Spearheaded by the homosexual group, Human Rights Campaign, 173 businesses endorsed the sexually perverted agenda in a July 28th letter to the U.S. Senate.

Psalm 2:3 reminds us that these businesses set themselves against the Lord, and against His anointed, saying, “Let us break their bands asunder.”

America killed Al Qaeda’s #2 leader

The U.S. military has taken out another terrorist leader, reports Politico.com.

Al Qaeda’s number two guy, after Osama Ben Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was killed in a U.S. drone strike on Saturday at 9:48 pm in Kabul, Afghanistan as he stood on the balcony of his home.

“Evangelical” socialist author Ron Sider died

The Christian “Evangelical” socialist, Ron Sider, died over the weekend at 82 years of age. He is best known for his book Rich Christian in an Age of Hunger.

Sider’s more recent book, Just Politics, advocates against the death penalty, and in favor of the redistribution of wealth. In addition, he called for extremely high taxes on fossil fuels, so as to “double or triple the prices of these products.” 

In his criticisms of Donald Trump in 2020, Ron Sider made the claim that the Democrats’ efforts to “reduce poverty” would do a good job of reducing abortion in America whereas Donald Trump would not “substantially change” or reduce abortions in the U.S.

Indiana passes pro-life bill with exceptions

The Indiana State Senate passed a bill banning abortion with the exceptions of rape and incest. 

However, the pro-life Indiana Right to Life group has decried the bill as “woefully” inadequate, failing “ to provide any meaningful enforcement provisions.”

Amidst flooding, Kentucky governor asks for prayer

At least 28 persons are confirmed dead, from the extensive flooding in Eastern Kentucky.

Democrat Governor Andy Beshear is asking the nation to pray.

BESHEAR: “The next couple of days are going to be hard. We’ve got rain, and maybe even a lot of rain, that’s going to hit the same areas.

“Please pray for the people in these areas. And, if you are in the areas that are going to get hit by rain, make sure you stay safe. Make sure you have a place that is higher ground.”

Jeremiah 14:22 asks, “Are there any among the idols of the nations that can cause rain? Or can the heavens give showers? Are You not He, O Lord our God? Therefore, we will wait for You, since You have made all these.”

You can help fund the efforts of Samaritan’s Purse in Kentucky with a donation.

Will COVID panic-demic cost kids $21 trillion in earnings?

Various organizations have tried to assess the damage done to children by school closures for the COVID-19 Panic-demic.  

The World Bank is guessing that this will cost the young generation $21 trillion in earnings over their lifetimes.

Plus, the National Center for Education Statistics says that 70% of U.S. public schools report increases in the number of students looking for mental health services.

Consumer Price Index at 9% vs. hourly wage earners up only 5%

And finally, the Consumer Price Index is running at 9.1%, while hourly paychecks register only a 5.1% increase.  That’s a 4% loss for American workers.  The benefit of the free money in the form of the stimulus checks from 2020 and 2021 has worn off. 

And now, 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, according to studies conducted by the Lending Club. That’s a 9% increase year over year.

Another study from Pew Research found that workers who changed jobs  over the last year, enjoyed an inflation-adjusted pay increase of 9.7% while the others lost about 2% in their income.


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